Jan 102009

Okay, took a long time but I found a good way to get HD video content on my site in about 1-2days of encoding. Right now “Who’s Line Anime Matsuricon 2008” is posted. I uploaded “Anime Will It Blend from Matsuricon 2008” to my server but I haven’t added the XML to the database for it to be listed in the player yet. Photos from Matsuricon 2008 are also online. If you wish to have a copy of “Who’s Line Anime” or “Anime Will It Blend” I think the cds will cost $1(Covers media + packaging) + shipping. They will be encoded in Xvid and burned to a dvd (Each Video is ~4gigs compressed video is 1080 please have a FAST pc to watch it.) If you want a copy just e-mail me.

Oct 012008

Okay, I won’t lie I took some great video at MatsuriCon 2008 using my new HD 1080i camcorder.  Problem… Stupid thing records in Blueray nativitly….Now, I don’t copy DVDs or Bluerays for that matter and after just getting my own personal shot Blueray video to convert into Xvid or Windows Media Format is a nightmare. I have the following videos currently converting “Whos Line Anime: Afterdark”, “Will it Blend: Anime”, and “Con Opening”.  So far 2 days on my secondary pc (AMD AM2(tri-core) 6400+ 4gigs of ram). I think the settings might be messed up a little bit and it converting to both Xvid and WMA. I am to afraid to mess with the process right now and will need to check my settings when its all done. I also have photos from MatsuriCon I need to post in my gallery. I got a lot more update to follow!!!

Apr 162008

I know, I never update my weblog… Almost never lol. Anyways took photos at Anime Punch 08! http://www.robertmeffe.com/gallery/?AnimePunch. I think for ColossalCon this year I will bring my video camera also. I just ordered a new lens, flash, and some filters for my DSLR Sony Alpha. Bought the DSLR for skydiving and well skydiving is pretty much set the camera up and forget it. Anime conventions… well I need to work on that :).  Anyways, trying to get less busy with work and when the current version in QA goes live I should have some more free time. I need to hire a programmer and a few artists for some of my side projects, that should also help. Well, hopefully I will update more then once in a bluemoon someday.