Sep 192012

I have played World of Warcraft since the game came out. I took breaks and skipped most of The Burning Crusade. Recently, with cross realm zones; I find it really hard to enjoy the world. I chose a low population server for a reason. I like to buy/sell/trade in video games. I feel this is a huge “bug” as they did not merge the auction houses. I am left with more questions and Blizzard has yet to discuss concerns. On the bright side Blizzard did refund my pre-order!

While I had another friend recently leave because he didn’t like the idea of the new expansion. We looked at new games. We started with the Tera Online 7 day trial. After 3 days of playing, we purchased the full game. I am happy with the game. I can use my Xbox 360 controller; While not exact, it does do the job while questing. I will post more about Tera when I get to a higher level. Right now, I am playing a lancer.

Photo credit: Alfred Hermida / / CC BY-NC-SA