Oct 022012

If you see my site go down (shouldn’t happen) I am moving my site to EC2. This has nothing to do with Media Temple, they offer a great service. However if I am going to move to a dedicated machine I want load balancing and easy growth. I will still be hosting some of my Dedicated virtual servers with Media Temple.

Photo credit: torkildr / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Sep 262012

After the recent “attack” from a mirror site of Source Forge. I decided, I also need to check MD5 check-sums on windows machines. You can read about the “backdoor” that was added into phpMyAdmin here: http://sourceforge.net/blog/phpmyadmin-back-door/

I have installed HashCheck Shell Extension. This allows me to just right click and see a property page with check-sums!

Photo credit: CloCkWeRX / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Jul 192012


This is just a teaser while I work. I finally gave a name to the project I been working on to take advantage of Amazon’s Spot Instances. Booh, is a piece of server software that lives in unpredictable environments. Booh is peer-to-peer and doesn’t need fancy dedicated servers.


Booh is in the next round for consideration at AWS re: Invent!!!! The Presentation is called “ Spot Instances – How to download and process the internet”


Jan 152012

Okay, I am flying with out my editor for this post. Long story, I had a tooth extracted that caused grief for a month, then my uncle died, and then a chronic condition I have decided to flip out. I been pretty much out of work and laying in bed for two months now waiting to die. I mean waiting to get in for testing. You might be like “Awesome! you have all this free time to work on projects.” Well, I been working odd contracts and the company I was working for let me go 1099 until I recover. This means money is a little tight. I am awake for mainly 6-8 hours a day and I spend the time in a great deal of pain or playing video games trying to forget I am in pain. Due to the condition opiates really offer no pain relief.

I will be at Ohayocon this year along with a fellow photographer that owns Moments By Cole. I will post another update hopefully soon.

Aug 292011

RFID Spoofer: slightly dropped the ball this last week. I was a little out of my “zone”. Currently working on a RAW mode. This has eaten into my time to write the flash chip code to test the circuit. I really should do this first as I could then do one final check for fitting of components then send the board to batch PCB.

Open Source Text Editor: While text editors are all the rage and I know the world does not really need another one. I wrote one that also provide intellisense. I am waiting for official word from my current employer to release this project. This was mainly designed to help speed up coding inside a third-party vendor’s custom scripting language. I can release the editor with out the custom language syntax but it makes no sense as Notepadd++ rocks ;).

WMI Code Samples: See RFID Spoofer. I have the code I am just trying to turn it into an all-in-one class to make it much more useful. I am trying to provide managed classes for the native WMI. Thinking about that I should check and see if they don’t already exist. I am just writing a code generator to spit out all the properties and options on a WMI class that then generates a .cs file.

HTC Incredible TVOUT for CyanogenMod: See data sharing below. I really need to set up VNC on that virtual machine.

Photography: Seems Route 77 south-bound was closed all day Saturday and I missed the Northcoast Nero event. By the time we would have been able to reroute it was not worth going “it would leave only an hour of daylight left”. We did stop and take photos of some wildlife. I will be posting the photos for sale soon. (Along with a lot of other photos I have been meaning to sell). Also, we will be trying to set up a deal to do a photo shoot at an anime convention next year!

Data Sharing: I really need to get better on this. I am going to set up GIT or Dropbox or something soon and dump all my open source projects into the public. While they will be unfinished and horrible to read, I feel that in case I die, get hit by a bus, or taken by aliens to another planet people will still have access to my data long after. The most valued possession I own is my knowledge and it belongs to the world if not under trade secret agreements. I will also release some “trade” secret code encrypted on the net also and leave the code with some people in case any of the above happens. Do I feel any of this will happen? No, but I check my work into SVN everyday before I leave work. I should do it with my projects.