Jan 302013

After looking on the internet for a Sony Alpha SDK, I found that one does not exist. I would have thought that someone would have done some work, but at last I found nothing! I will not promises the world with my attempt at an SDK. I just want to be able to take a photo via USB and download it to my computer (tablet/laptop). Since my tablet is Android it is safe to assume I will have something that will be use-able by you Linux folks. I think this task should be pretty easy and I am setting the goal of a week to knock something out and toss it into GIT. Also, code will be licensed open source with and option to buy a commercial licensed.

If you live in Northern Ohio Cleveland area and have NEX or Alpha camera and want to help; send me a message! Realistically the SDK will only support the A700, unless people are willing to loan me other Sony cameras.

Photo credit: ssh / Foter.com / CC BY